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State Flag & Seal


State Bird, Flower, Tree


State Quarter

All pictures are from:
Campbell, Tracy, and Scott A. Dobler. "Kentucky." World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Web. 28 April 2010.

Other Information:

State Capital:

Historical Sites:
Abe Lincoln's birthplace Knob Creek Farm. Mary Todd Lincoln's house in Lexington.

Highest Point:
Black Mt.
Height 4139 feet

Lowest Point:
Mississippi River
Height 257 feet

State or National Park:
Big Bone Lick state park Boone county.
Mammoth Cave national park Mammoth Cave.

Famous People:
Abe Lincoln Hodgenville. Muhammad Ali (boxer) Louisville.

College or University:
University of Louisville. Georgetown College.

Professional Sporting Event:
Kentucky Derby Florence.
Nascar Sparta.

Largest Cities:
Louisville & Lexington.

Average Temperature:
Average July temperature 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Average January temperature
34 degrees Fahrenheit.Average yearly precipitation 47 inches.

Other Points of Interest:
The Kentucky Horse park. KFC Louisville. Mason Dickson line north of Kentucky.