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State Flag & Seal


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State Quarter


All pictures are from:
Boylan, Dan, and Lyndon Wester. "Hawaii." World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Web. 28 April 2010.

Other Information:

State Capital

Historical Sites
Arizona Memorial Museum, HI, Volcanoes National Park,HI

Highest Point
Mauna Kea,13,796ft

Lowest Point
Sea Level,0ft

State or National Park
Arizona Memorial Museum,HI, Pearl Harbor,HI

Famous People
Harold Akata (actor), Bette Midler (singer,actor)

College or University
Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu, Argosy University, Honolulu

Professional Sporting Events
Volleyball, Kind(Rainbow Whine), Football, Aloha Stadium, Ohau

Largest Cities
Honolulu,HI, Pearl City,HI, Waipahu,HI, Kailua,HI

Average Temps
January, 68, July,75,

Average Precipitation


Other Points of Interest
Pineapple Garden Maze, Mama's Fish House, Spouting Horn