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All pictures are from:
Bowen, William A., and Clark Davis. "California." World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Web. 29 April 2010

Other Information:

State Capitol
Sacramento, California

Historical Sites
Hearst Castle
State Capitol-Sacramento
the swallows
sheep shearing day
Hollywood Entertainment
I road Museum

Highest Point
Mount Whitney - 14,494 feet

Lowest Point
Death Valley - 282 feet below sea level

State or National Park
Death Valley National Park
Yosemite Lodge National Park
Joshuah tree

Famous People
Marcus Allen
Leonardo DiCaprio
Tom Hanks
Steve Jobs
Luis Walter Alvarez
David Belvasco

College or University
San Fransisco University
Los Angeles Campus

Professional Sporting Event
San Diego Chargers
San Fransisco 49ers

Largest Cities
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Jose

Average Temperature
January - 44 degrees Fahrenheit
July - 75 degrees Fahrenheit
Average Precipitation - 22 inches - 56 centimeters

Other Points of Interest
Scotty's Castle - Death Valley
Bad Water - Death Valley
San Diego ZOO - San Diego
Devils Hole - Death Valley