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State Flag & Seal


State Bird, Flower, Tree


State Quarter

All pictures are from:
Naske, Claus-M., and F. Patrick Fitzgerald. "Alaska." World Book Student. World Book, 2010. Web. 28 April 2010.

Other Information:

State Capital

Historical Site
Klondike Gold Rush, The Bering Strait, Kassia

Highest Point
Mount McKinley

Lowest Point
Sea Level

National Park
Denali National Park, Katalin National Park

Famous People
Jewel, Joe Juneau, Vitus Bering

University Of Alaska

Professional Sporting Event
Hockey, Dog Sledding, White Water Rafting

Largest cities
Anchorage, Fairbanks, Nikola, Mcgath, Ruby

Average temperature
January 5 Degrees, July 55 Degrees

Average precipitation
55 Inches

Other Points Of Interest
Alaska State Fair, Fairbanks, The Red Dog Mine